Try to act a little kinder than is necessary

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Try to act a little kinder than is necessary and you will see that you cannot do a bad thing. Confucius

Have you ever ponder over this, that when you do something good, your mood changes and you feel so delighted. And no matter what you exactly do – a few words of encouragement, charity work, some help for elderly people or something else.

And have you noticed how greatly the world’s been changing lately? People became more egoistic and reserved. But this very situation allows us to compare an act of kindness with a ray of sunshine on a rainy day.


Dembohouse company has been doing charity in different spheres for many years now. And this time we would like to help hearing impaired children. Perhaps, no one really thinks of how many kids have such issue and live in their city. Different resources tell us that six out of a thousand newborns are hearing impaired, while one of that six is actually born deaf. On the whole, every day 33 babies are born all over the world diagnosed with different stages of hearing loss. Many of these children have other health issues and special needs. Hearing impaired person should get access to special education and proper co-services.


The term “hearing impaired” is often used to describe people with any degree of hearing loss, from mild to profound, including those who are deaf and those who are hard of hearing. “Deaf” usually refers to a hearing loss so severe that there is very little or no functional hearing. “Hard of hearing” refers to a hearing loss where there may be enough residual hearing that an auditory device, such as a hearing aid or FM system, provides adequate assistance to process speech. When comparing deaf and hard of hearing individuals, we may say that hard of hearing kids may choose to use hearing aids, and/or other assistive listening devices to boost available hearing.


At the initial stage of this mission carried by Dembohouse, we would like to present children hats. Every tenth hat that you purchase will proceed to charity. At the next stage, we plan on collecting money for Ternopil Regional Children’s Hospital for buying special medical equipment needed for diagnostics and treatment of hearing loss in children.


Buying our hats, keep in mind, that you are the one who’s doing good!

It’s easier to do good than to be good. S. Wolfram

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